Monday, October 7, 2013

mama once said...

..."don't get too attached to your friends."

i never take her words seriously, until recently.

i think it's my nature not to hang with some people. it is more comforting to hang with people who are related to me. call me cocky and one egocentric bastard, but that's who i am. in junior high school, i never get used to hang with that kind of people, so did in high school. in uni, i tried to get out of my comfort zone. everything went well until i realized i was, somehow, in the wrong circle. i didn't know what they were thinking, but all i thought was "how do i get out of this circle?". i tried not to mind it a lot but i just can't. whether i am being too sensitive or they're really trying to do it--i feel that they're starting to turn their back on me.

and up until now, i feel like in solitude.

enough with the mumbling. heck, i don't even know what has got into me to write this post. but one thing for sure: dang, it hurts.

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