Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day Trip to Makassar

Hi, decided to write a post whilst waiting for my flight to board, which is 1 hour again. Meh, already bored waiting here since 4hrs ago.

This trip started few months back when Citilink held promo for all routes. Long story short, i snatched return flight from Jakarta to Ujung Pandang and it costed me Rp 113.300. Pretty neat, huh?

Then this morning my father dropped me at Terminal 1C around 3.45 am, while my flight will be departing at 05.55. Got 2 hours to spare, i decided to just do the self check in and 10 minutes later i was already in airside. Had a bit of problem, though. When i put my bag into x-ray, the agent told me that i bring a scissor. I showed him then he asked me to leave the scissor. No biggies for me, but what strange is; i brought the same scissor and put it at the exact same spot and it was okay, going through 6 airports — Soekarno-Hatta intenational terminal, both international and domestic terminal in Manila, Davao domestic, Cebu domestic, Singapore, and Bandung international. Hmm on positive note, maybe the agent was doing what he has to do, and he did the right thing.
 boarding pass

The plane took off at 6.10 and arrived in Makassar at 9.05, both are local time. Then i followed the signage to Damri which will take me to town. My first impression of Makassar airport is really nice. Modern design and well-organized (tetot lack of vocabs, here. Can't find better words).
rain welcomed me at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar

Damri costed me Rp 25.000 and the journey itself took around 1 hour before the bus reached its final destination. When i alighted, i asked the driver how to go to Losari beach. Then he told me to turn left at the circular cross (what's the better diction?) and just go straight. I followed what he said, and boy oh boy it was a looong walk. It took 20-30 minutes to walk with my speed. My walking speed is a bit faster than any of my friends, so sometimes they complain when i walk too fast. When i got there, i took some photos and asked some people to take a picture of me. Haha this is the downside of solo traveling. But for memory's sake, i have to ask for their help. 
inside Damri

MAKASSAR signage



i asked one of them – the blue one, named Nita – to take a picture of me. after that, i asked whether they want a group photo or not (4 of them together). then when I asked for a camera, Nita said "i thought you wanna take a picture with us!" they come from Alor, NTT and they're very nice! 

another MAKASSAR signage

floating mosque

After roaming round for a couple minutes, i decided to have lunch. After quick search on foursquare, i found that Coto Nusantara has great review and rating. So i decided to go there. The location is near the bus stop. Gaaahhh my feet!
make a brief stop at Fort Rotterdam en route Coto Nusantara; free admission.

When i arrived, the restaurant was very crowded! Lucky for me (because i was solo) i can have my seat quickly. I ordered one and my meal came just minutes after. The food itself is really delicate. The flavor is rich, full of indonesian taste (pardon my choice of words). The meal costed me Rp 19.000 and i recommend it to all of you! You should come to Coto Nusantara if you're in Makassar.
Coto Makassar

Coto Nusantara

Around 1.30 i was already at the bus stop and i jumped right in. If you're traveling from airport to town, the bus will take regular road so passengers can alight along the road. But when you take the bus from town to airport, it will take highway and the bus won't stop along the way. Because of this, i arrived at the airport at 2.00 and found out that Citilink doesn't have general check-in counter so i can do the check-in 2hrs before departure, which is 5.45.
the circular cross. took the photo from bus stop. turn left if you want to go to Losari beach, turn right if you want to go to Coto Nusantara

Hmmm almost 4hrs to spare before check-in and another 1.5 before boarding. I sat, then up. Then roamed around, then checked each and every social media, then roamed again, then sat again. But it was still 3.30. Then i decided to have another meal. I stayed there until 5.30 and when i got back to airport, the check-in counter already opened.
the long-awaited check-in counter. and that's the old man (explanation below)

When i queued in line, there was an empty trolley in front of me. Then an old man came near me and said "ini troli kosong ya?" Then i nodded and he moved the trolley a bit then he stand in front of me. Whoa the old man cut the line! Couldn't help but grinned.

Once at airside, i waited again until now. 5 minutes away before the scheduled boarding time. Hope there won't be any delay, aamiin. Photos coming right up as soon as i get home (or maybe tomorrow) haha. Oh the flight is boarding now as i type this post! See ya in Jakarta!

Makassar Expense
Airport Tax Jakarta Rp 40.000
Airport Tax Makassar Rp 40.000
Damri Airport-Town-Airport Rp 50.000 (25.000 each)
Mineral Water Rp 4.500
Coto Nusantara Rp 19.000 (18.000 for the coto and 1.000 for each ketupat)
Solaria Rp 30.000
Etc Rp 2.000
Total Rp 185.500
Return ticket Rp 113.300
Grand Total Rp 298.800

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