Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Very First

hi, it's been more than 2 months since my last post! this semester is starting to get ugly, as I went through every classes and midterms. the subjects in this semester are exhausting and excruciating. and crazy, bad crazy. and of course they make me nuts. this semester, I study both fluid mechanics and electromagnetic field, and also quantum physics, and engineering mathematics, and so on. the midterm was one of the hardest I've ever experienced, where electromagnetic field top the list. I was stunned and flabbergasted, my fingers were cold and stiff, and I barely answered the questions.

two months running, this semester is also making some new milestone. the first one is, I skipped class! hahaha. 3 credits in total. one when I had to finished the lab report, and other is when I was busy studying computation methods for midterm. pff sorry mom and dad for that. and the second one is.. on the electromagnetic field midterm day, I went to class without taking a shower ahahah it's really embarrassing. that was the first time, in my life, ever. going to school without taking a shower. and I hope it will be the last (aamiin.. hahaha)

anyway, I really want to continue my post about my trip to Thailand, and write about my trip to Padang. but it's been a hell of a week, and I really need some good sleeps (but the truth is, I spent my weekend catching up with tv series pffhh). and since my friend had read my Pattaya post and asked me about Bangkok, thought i have to continue the post. so i'll post that later when i have the chance.

oh ya, 2-3 days ago i browsed ITB Career Center's website ( and applied the Schlumberger Vacation Trainee hahaha. why the hell am i laughing? i meaaaan, here I am, Muhamad Refky Kamajaya, who doesn't speak (and write and listen and read) English fluently, have the gut to apply it! however, since I met the requirements, there's nothing to lose, and it's easy and free (you just have to sign up and click APPLY. that's it!), i'll take the chance, albeit the minuscule probability.

this post is dedicated to MPIKE (Manda Pritta Ilman Khana), who changed the WhatsApp group name from MPIKE to JambuKebalik FC because of their devotion to this blog (and it's owner wkwk). happy?

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