Wednesday, February 12, 2014

all hell breaks loose – apparently not

update: turns out that you can ask your dosen wali to reject the change, so you can edit it again. alhamdulillah

pandemonium inside my mind. feeling really uneasy now. and a bit upset.

just checked my Mailbox and i saw an email from Notifikasi Akademik ITB. then my jaw almost dropped when I realized that my dosen wali already accepted my PRS request. but that's not the case. my heart beat really fast and hard you can actually hear it out loud (lebay) when i saw the final total SKS is 23. I'm sure as hell that i already dropped one subject and made the SKS into 20. but why oh why my dosen wali accepted the 23. i'm starting to lose my interest to this subject named "Instrumentasi dan Kontrol Industri". already ripped the notes and changed it with another subject, too. but with this final change, guess i have to collect my interest which have already scattered.

again, another unwanted subject sneaks into my study plan, after last semester Konservasi Energi was accepted during the last hour before deadline. hopefully the final score of this subject won't end up the same as before. i want it to be better, of course.

this semester will become the most hectic one yet. 23 credits, one lab, one lab assistant, more paper assignment, coding and programming bla bla bla, etc etc. albeit i sincerely wish this will be a pleasant one. anyway, holidays await after this one hell of ride! semangat, Ky, semangaaaatt!

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