Thursday, May 2, 2013

what should i do :(

dear blog
tomorrow i will be having a Fluid Mechanics test. and like other normal students, i should put down this iPhone and start to open my book and answer some problems. instead of doing that, here i am, writing a blog post.

just wanna pour out what's been heavily hanging on my mind lately. ok, here we go. actually, i've already booked some tickets (yeah, some) for late May. and i've already booked some rooms for several nights stay (again, some). everything went perfectly normal until 2 days ago when the complete schedule for final test was announced. and it hit me like a steel freight train (now playing: james morrison - nothing ever hurt like you). kidding aside, but seriously, i was stunned for a moment because the day which supposed to be one of the greatest day in my life (hyperbolic), will happen together on the exact same day with my final project presentation.

few minutes ago i received the information that every team member should come to the presentation and now i'm utterly confused. if i choose to go on with my plan, i will make my team rush the project because we have to present it before i depart (and before everyone else does). ugh what should i do what should i dooo?

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