Wednesday, May 29, 2013

bad ending?

i'm currently at Changi Airport, eating french fries as my breakfast (as well as my dinner, because last time i had meal was at Hong Kong Airport prior to my departure).

and as usual, when i screwed up my meal time, i ended up having this shiver/fever kinda thing. and now, i'm having it. during this condition, i'm afraid i can't go around the city this morning while waiting for my next flight to Bandung later at 2pm. i have already made a to-do-list for today (including buying some chocolates), but i think i just can't do it.

so now i'm gonna take a nap because i haven't had any sleeps since my flight landed at 1.30am this morning. ugh i hope that the security wouldn't wake me up. and i hope i'll get well as soon as i'm back in Bandung, aamiin.

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  1. get well soon........................................supaya bisa beliin coklat (hehe)