Friday, January 31, 2014

Sleeping at Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) - Kuala Lumpur

(This post was written at 3am but then i lost my connection)

Hi, just wanna share my experience about sleeping at LCCT KL.

I can't sleep here.

First, let me tell you what LCCT is. Kuala Lumpur International Airport is divided into 2 terminals (3 actually, if you say satellite and main terminal are different). The first one is KLIA Main Terminal and the other is LCCT. Almost every airlines landed at the main terminal, but not with LCC (low cost carrier). Like its name, LCCT contains LCC – AirAsia and its family, Tiger and its family, and Cebu Pacific. The quality between the main terminal and lcct is waaaay different. Lcct is more like a large and crowded bus station. LCCT and the Main Terminal is 30 minutes away with bus ride. The ride with airport liner bus costs MYR 2.50 each way. But the bus doesn't operate 24/7, so I can't visit the main terminal during midnight when i have a flight to catch from lcct the following morning.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Because i love AirAsia a lot, sometimes i had to visit lcct. I've had four layovers here. The first one was when I went to Seoul. Thankfully the layover was less than 3 hrs. So did the time i went to Beijing. The supposedly longest layover was when i arrived from Busan at 11pm and my next flight to Taipei was scheduled to leave at 5pm. But luckily, I traveled with my brother so my dad booked us a room at Tune Hotel KL Downtown. Fyuh, I dodged the bullet. My first true long layover was when i arrived from Taipei at 4am and my next flight to Jakarta was scheduled to depart at 11am. I looked around trying to find a bench or seats without armrest but couldn't find it. Then i decided to have bfast at food garden and wasted my time there until i can do check-in.

And now, here I am, can't sleep at all. My flight landed at 10pm and my next flight is around 6am. I need to sleep so bad because usually when i sleep deprived, fever comes afterward. And it'll ruin my trip. But whenever i tried to close my eyes, i woke up minutes after. I tried different places but still can't sleep. Maybe because i couldn't make my leg (and or body) straight and level.

Hope nothing wrong happens to my body for the next couple of days. And hope i can find a better place to sleep, asap. Read it somewhere that musholla in front of Starbucks is a good place. Already checked it and hopefully it is good, because my next layover will be 12hrs long.......

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